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Ultrasonic Face Scrubber Spatula

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Every day, our faces become clogged with dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and blackheads. This is very unhealthy for your skin health and can often lead to other skin issues like acne or malabsorption. This Skin Scrubbing Spatula was designed as a powerful facial tool to help.

Ultrasonic Cleansing
This ultrasonic spatula has the ability to cleanse your skin, ridding it of dead skin cells and various other impurities with its gentle scraping motion. This ultimately helps to brighten your skin with smooth, blemish-free results, helping to create a more confident you. Additionally, when used consistently, your skin will tighten and lift for a youthful look.

Lusciously Smooth Results
Experience softer, smoother skin with this skin spatula. As it eradicates blackheads, unclogs your pores, and scrubs away dirt and dead skin, it reveals softer and more luscious skin beneath for a silky result.

Easy To Use
Anyone can perform a facial on themselves with the help of this ultrasonic spatula. Use it on moist skin with the blade angled downwards for exfoliating and pore refining. It's the perfect way to end your day by removing built-up makeup and dirt from your face.

- Firms & lifts your skin
- Exfoliate skin for better absorption of nutrients
- Ultrasonic cleansing
- Helps brighten & smooth your skin
- Reduce impurities like dirt, acne, oil, dead skin cells, blackheads

Ultrasonic Face Scrubber Spatula
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