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Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Cream

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Purify your pores and nourish your skin with the Tea Tree Acne Cream - a formula designed specifically to help treat acne symptoms.

Tea Tree Essence
The Tea Tree Cream has the active ingredient "tea tree essence," which effectively penetrates the skin layer to deeply nourish you within, also helping to promote the absorption effect of other nutrients.

Soothing & Hydrating
With its soothing and hydrating qualities, this Acne Cream is ideal for those with irritated and dry skin - two common symptoms of acne. It helps keep your pores clear and purified while balancing the oil-water ratio of your skin.

Use this cream each day to leave your skin feeling delicately smooth and ridden of impurities.

✔ Tea tree essence
✔ Promotes healthy nutrient absorption
✔ Removes impurities from your skin
✔ Soothes irritated skin
✔ Balances skin's oil-water ratio
✔ Hydrates & regulates skin

Tea Tree Anti Acne Face Cream
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