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SuapremeSleep™ Side Sleeper Knee Pillow With Strap

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Are you a side sleeper that struggles to get comfortable? The SuapremeSleep side sleeper knee pillow with strap is potentially an easy solution.

Pain Relief
If you're suffering from sciatica, lower back or hip pain, our knee pillow offers tremendous relief in a simple, non-invasive way. Simply slide it between your knees to align the spine and relieve pressure for a more restful sleep.

Memory Foam
This knee pillow with strap is made with premium memory foam that molds to your body, maintaining its shape, unlike traditional pillows that flatten out after an hour or so of use.

Leg Strap
With the attached strap on this side sleeper pillow, it will remain in position while rolling over or changing positions., ensuring a quality relaxing experience.

- Pain relief for side sleepers
- Securely stays on with strap
- Premium memory foam design
- Molds to your body shape
- Relieves pressure for a more restful sleep

memory foam with zipper cover

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