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Suapreme-Lash 5 Pairs Magnetic Eyelash Set

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Have you ever tried fake eyelashes that are a pain to apply, and just fall off? With the Suapreme-Lash Magnetic Eyelash kit you can have natural looking lashes that stay on and are a cinch to apply.

Magnetic Adhesive
The magnetic eyeliner kit with this set is part of the easy, 2-step process of applying the magnetic lashes. First, you put the eyeliner on, let it become tacky, and then apply your chosen magnetic eyelashes on top. No more breakage, fumbling, or poor positioning! You can also use this eyeliner as a normal eyeliner to enhance the look of your eyes.

5 Unique Pairs
Included with this set are 5 unique pairs of magnetic eyelashes, each with a distinct look for your desired expression. These are long-lasting, reusable for multiple applications, and offer you a natural lash result.

Safe & High-Quality
The Magnetic Lashes are made of only the safest ingredients and high-quality materials to ensure the most comfort when worn. You'll be amazed at their lightweight feel and effortless application - especially with their non-glue adhesive.

✔ 5 pairs of reusable magnetic eyelashes
✔ 2 tubes of magnetic eye liner
✔ Long-lasting design for excellent durability
✔ A style for every occasion
✔ Natural lash expression
✔ Easy to apply with eyeliner kit
✔ Lightweight & comfortable

5 eyelash styles

how to apply magnetic lashes

includes 2 bottles magnetic eyeliner

Suapreme-Lash 5 Pairs Magnetic Eyelash Set
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