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Suapreme-Lash™ Natural Eyelash Growth Serum Collagen

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Let our breakthrough Suapreme™ Lash Serum completely transform the look of your eyelashes from dull and lifeless, to full and seductive.

Natural Ingredients
SuapremeLash™ features a natural blend of ingredients with no harmful parabens, sulfates, or chemical preservatives for the most natural results possible. This formula was designed to nourish your lashes with essential nutrients to reinforce and support a healthier look.
Get Full Thick Lashes
Use our growth serum to strengthen, lengthen, magnify, thicken, and darken your lashes for a pristine result. Many users often see these results (or similar) within the first 2 to 4 weeks of using eyelash serum consistently. The outcome may vary between individuals, with some experiencing results in as little as four weeks!

Precision Applicator
With its easy applicator design, it's effortless to keep consistent with Suapreme Lash serum in your daily routine. Simply clean your face, dip the brush in once, apply a thin layer to your upper lashes, let it dry for 90 seconds, and repeat regularly (twice daily) for the desired results.

✔ No Parabens
✔ No Sulfates
✔ No Silicone
✔ No Talc
✔ No Fragrance
✔ No discoloration or stinging
✔ Reinforces & supports healthier eyelashes
✔ Thickens & darkens
✔ Seductive, Beautiful Results

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Suapreme-Lash?
Suapreme Lash Serum is a uniquely formulated serum made to help improve the growth and volume of your eyelashes. It can also help enhance their beauty, strength, and natural beauty.
How to use the serum?
Using the Lash Serum is simple. First, you'll need to wash and clean your face to rid it of any impurities and residues like makeup, dirt, and grime. The serum will need to be applied to dry lashes. Next, dip the applicator into the serum and apply a thin layer to the root line of your upper eyelashes - almost as if you are applying eyeliner. Blinking will help spread it to your lower lashes. Wait for it to dry for 90 seconds, and that's it! Repeat this consistently (twice a day) for the best results.
How soon will I see results?
Results will vary between individuals. You can expect to see results from consistent use within 2-4 weeks of first using the serum (twice a day)! These results will include longer and full lashes.
Is it safe to use?
Yes, our serum is uses a 100% natural formula that is vegan-friendly, has no parabens, sulfates, talc or gragrance. And clinically tested not to cause discoloration, irritation or stinging.
How long will a tube last?
One 3 milliliter tube of Suapreme-Lash will last approximately 3 months if used once daily (on both eyes).
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Suapreme-Lash™ Natural Eyelash Growth Serum Collagen
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