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Styling Color Hair Wax

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Why not spice up your look with one of these colorful hair waxes? Whether it's for a special occasion or dressing up for cosplay, you can get creative with how you want your hair to look.

Unique Styling
This temporary hair wax comes in an assortment of eccentric colors with an instant hair coloring experience. Without damaging your hair, and with not sticky after-effects, this vibrant hair wax will give your hair a sculpted and colored look.

Easy To Remove
When you're finished with your new hairstyle look, this hair wax is easy to wash out with water and is suitable for all hair types. This makes it perfect for cosplay events, Halloween, parties, dates, and more without being permanent.

With only 100% natural ingredients, including plant extracts, this hair wax is vegan safe and has no scalp irritation when applied. It's also environmentally-friendly and isn't harmful to your health for a safe styling experience.

With colors like red, blue, purple, and silver available, you can style your hair with a color that is bound to catch the attention of anyone around you.

- Various color choices
- A new way to style your hair
- Instant hair coloring
- Easy to wash out once finished
- Cruelty-free, 100% natural ingredients
- Vegan design
- Useful for cosplay, Halloween, parties


How to apply wax:
1. Wash then dry hair to about 90% dry.
2. Evenly spread desired amount of wax in palm of hand.
3. Apply to all areas that need a color boost.
4. Enjoy your new hair style!
5. Wash out when finished.

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