Natural Keratin Hair Building Fibers 25 Grams

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Finally, a solution to thinning hair!

When we get older, our hair tends to thin out. For many people, this causes a lack of self-confidence, as it makes us feel old and unattractive. For decades, the only solution was to accept it and to shave the rest off as well, or to use a wig. Both of these options usually do not seem very appealing to most people.

Finally, there is a better solution. With the Hair Building Fibers, you'll be able to rid yourself from that thinning look and look young and attractive again!
Instant Results

The effect of the Hair Fibers can be noticed instantly. It is made of natural Keratin (the stuff hair is made of), giving you a head filled with hair that looks thick and natural. Thanks to the innate static charge of Keratin, it will automatically hold on to your other hair, allowing it to remain on your head even during rain, wind and sweating.

Quick and Easy Application
Applying the Hair Building Fibers literally couldn't be any easier. Simply shake the fibers onto your hair, gently pat them for an even distribution and voila! If you've never used this product before, you'll be surprised by the amazing effect it will have on your overall appearance!

A Shade for Everyone
Of course, not everyone has the same hair color. That's precisely why we offer our Hair Building Fibers in 9 different colors. This way, everyone will be able to benefit from this phenomenal product. It's a real game-changer for both men and women who suffer from thinning hair.

how to apply hair fibers

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