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IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset 600000

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With hair removal being a key part of many women's lifestyles, it's crucial to find a method of hair removal that is affordable, efficient, and gentle, like our IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine.

Painless Hair Removal
If you loathe waxing but don't want to spend a fortune on getting professional laser hair removal, then this handset will become your new pal. It breaks the cycle of hair regrowth by directing its light to the irradiation of melanin in your hair follicles. This prevents hair growth directly from the root, with no negative after-effects. Instead, you'll be left with smooth, hair-free skin.

Adjustable Levels
This IPL Laser Hair has 2 adjustable flash modes that can cater to different requirements. The automatic mode is useful for large areas like your arms and legs, while the manual mode is suited to bikini lines, face, underarms, lips, and fingers. The light levels can also be adjusted via one-touch operation, with 8 levels to choose from. Choose a level according to your skin's tolerance.

Handheld Design
With its portable, handheld design, this IPL machine is easy to use and can be taken on travels, hassle-free. This handheld design also makes reaching particular areas of your body easy.

- Gentle & painless design
- Adjustable flash modes for your requirements
- 8 intensity levels
- Affordable & effective hair removal
- Removes hair and leaves soft, smooth skin
- Use on bikini line, face, underarm, legs, etc.
- Handheld device (portable)

- IPL laser hair machine
- Power cord
- Safety glasses
- Instructions manual

no more shaving or waxing

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