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Folding Hollywood Lighted Dual Makeup Mirror

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Touching up your makeup on-the-go is made super easy with this Foldable Pocket Mirror, which also lights up for added convenience.

Foldable Design
This compact makeup mirror can fold up to make it easily fit in your pocket, purse, or handbag. It also has a lightweight and slim profile, so it doesn't add bulk to your look.

LED Lights
There are 8 dimmable LED lights on this pocket makeup mirror, so regardless of where you are, whether it's in the darkness of a car or in a lit area, you can use this mirror to touch up your makeup or check if there's anything awkward on your face. These lights are operated via the easy on/off button.

One side of this LED makeup mirror has polished glass for a simple reflection, while the other has a 2x magnification design to zoom in on all the little details for better makeup results. Keep on top of your perfect makeup look with this handy tool.

Sleek & Trendy
Every girl needs a makeup mirror in her purse for the evening. Plus, you'll definitely be the hero if a friend needs to touch up their makeup, too!

- Foldable pocket design
- LED-lit design (8 dimmable lights)
- One side with polished glass, the other has 2x magnify
- Lightweight & compact
- Easy to use with on/off button
- Perfect for applying makeup
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