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Face-Sauna™ Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

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Open your pores and relax in a misty haven with Face-Sauna™ Nano Ionic Facial Steamer from Suapreme.com.  It's 10 times more effective than conventional facial steamers.

Nano-Ionic Steam
The deep penetrating nano-ionic steam relaxes and softens the skin. Enhancing the ability to absorb nutrients from skincare products or remove blackheads. The warm mist works to unclog your pores, reduce severity of acne and hydrate dry cracked skin.

Easy Operation
Our Ionic Facial Steamer has an easy, one-touch button operation that provides full-powered steam within just 20 seconds. You can enjoy this relaxing steam session for 8-10 minutes. Sit back and enjoy the consistent mist as it gives your skin a multitude of health benefits.

Use the Suapreme™ facial steamer before bed to relax, after removing your makeup to open up your pores for cleaning, and before applying nutritional skincare products to enrich your skin with essential nourishment.

- 10 minute timer
- Nano-ionic steam
- Opens pores for maximum product absorption
- Helps remove blackheads
- Helps remove stubborn makeup
- Reduce acne
- Full-powered steam within 20 seconds
- One-touch button operation
- Enhance the nutritional absorption of your skin

mousturizes dry skin

nano ionic steam

spa facial at home

Face-Sauna™ Nano Ionic Facial Steamer
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