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Acupuncture Mat Nail Bed Relieve Back Pain

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It's easy to feel relaxed and relieved with the help of this unique Acupuncture Mat set, which includes a cushioned foam mat and a neck rest/pillow as a combined duo for amazing therapeutic results.

Relieve Pain & Tension
The acupuncture Mat and neck pillow are designed with various acupuncture points. The mat has 6,210 acupressure points, while the neck pillow has 1,782. These are inserted to target specific areas of your body that can block pain, helping to relax your back, neck, and even your foot muscles through releasing endorphins.

Comfortable Experience
The experience of laying on this Acupressure Mat can be described similarly to laying on a "bed of needles," but not quite as severe! Instead, this mat is made from a cushioned foam material and a 100% thick cotton fabric to provide relaxing comfort. It's perfect for use before bedtime to stimulate your muscles and induce a sleepy state.

Optimal Health
This mat and neck pillow can help you improve your blood circulation and increase your energy levels for a more optimal lifestyle. It's for those who often sit down all day for work (office jobs), but is equally as effective for athletes and active people who suffer from chronic pain.

- Reduce muscle tension & back pain
- Relieve headaches
- Acupressure designed to release endorphins
- Helpful for relaxing
- Cushioned foam with 100% thick cotton fabric
- Provides stress relief
- Increases circulation & energy levels
- 6,210 acupressure points (mat) & 1,782 (neck pillow)


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