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4d Silk Fiber Mascara Waterproof

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Create plumper and softer lashes with this 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara - a special formula that will completely reinvent your initial opinion of mascara! No more clumping, flaking, or smudging with this essential makeup tool.

Natural Silk Fiber
The silk fiber mascara has natural silk fibers that help boost the volume and length of your eyelashes immediately after applying. This creates a gorgeous, bold look with natural results.

Thickening Formula
The formula of this 4D mascara is designed to thicken for a softer and fuller look. It also has a non-toxic design, suitable for sensitive skin and even those who wear contact lenses.

The feathery smooth and long-lasting application of this mascara will leave you feeling ecstatic to wear it again the next day.

✔ Natural silk fiber for beautiful lashes
✔ Thickening formula for softer, plumper results
✔ Feathery smooth application
✔ Long-lasting formula
✔ Boosts eyelash volume & length immediately

how to apply 4d mascara


washes off wih worm water
natural ingredients
mascara on vanity table
4d Silk Fiber Mascara Waterproof
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